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mission accomplished



Here it is! Here’s my Art Project! 

It is very much not safe for work, and has some sexual content in it. 

So thankful for all the support I’ve gotten over this project.

Coloured By You is a performance piece about relationships and how they affect who you are and what you bring into your future.

Coloured By You

Lately this picture of my two prof’s watching my art piece has been floating around. I remember being frightened that I was sharing this intimate story with them, but I was very relieved to hear that they enjoyed it and that it even touched them too. 

I still am shocked by the tremendous positive feedback I recieved about my piece. I’m so happy that it has created an affect on it’s viewers - even those who have just watched it on youtube. I wanted my piece to create an experience - one that could be remembered and that could affect people through watching it. 

In my exhibit, I forced the viewers to sit in front of a bed sheet which has been painted by experience and I created a sense of intimacy by speaking directly to your/their/the viewers ears. 

I’m still so happy and proud of this.

I want so much more.
I want everything.

Anonymous said: I like looking at you!!!!! and laughing with you. and I like your SMILE!!!

WOWOWOW I will post a selfie for you of me laughing and smiling tonight just for you anon. One time only but wait there’s more. If you call now I will give you a GENUINE laugh that’s right I’ll laugh to YOUR CRAPPY JOKES. call now don’t delay.

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