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Do you sleep?

I know it’s selfish of me.


I really just want to be alone in my bedroom. This is the only time I get to sleep uninterrupted with the sound of the water trickling, the spring peepers, my cat purring, in my favourite dark room. And I am walking on egg shells trying to not wake up my niece while she sleeps on a mattress in my room.

I’m so selfish and I hate that. But I just want to be alone in my room and sleep in peace. I don’t want to be yelled at and blamed for things I didn’t do, I’m 22 - not a teenager anymore. I have rational thought and my feelings are justified.

It’s so frustrating.

"you are lightheaded" 

(One of my favourite memories is when I got to pet cheetah cubs. That is something I will never forget.)


I’m so angry.

Don’t put children in my room. It’s hot, I need to open the window. She cries for mommy in the stupidest most annoying voice I’ve ever fucking heard. I got like what, three hours of sleep? Now I can’t fall back asleep.

I’m really angry.

Anonymous said: you are probably a cute butt. I bet you are a cute butt. oh wow what a cute butt you are.


My sister told me today to think about losing weight in a positive light and not a negative one and I’m like ????

I want to lose weight by running around doing sports or things I like or swimming I don’t want to work out and hate myself, isn’t that positive enough?

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