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- I tried playing drums like actually playing them and I was terrible but I was by myself so I tried going hard.
- I’m watching bf play guitar and we’re talking about music and I love when we do things like that.
- I had sushi today that was great
- the end of my trip was rad we went to magic mountain and there’s a water slide that’s like an almost straight drop and I screamed all the way down
- the wedgie was strong with this one
- I am lucky and in love, that is true every day.
- Giraffe poop is like bunny poop just lil turds
- but have you ever seen a squirrel or snake poop? I haven’t.


I can hear ohinsomniac playing drums in my basement. She’s rocking out pretty hard and every so often she stops and shouts “dun da na na!” before going back to smashing.

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Norwegian Forest Cats


Norwegian Forest Cats

I’m not 100% sure but I’m like 80% sure I’m bisexual.

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